Cut & Peeled Veggies

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As low as₹15.00was₹20.00
Vazhuthananga ( Brinjal) -500g
Special Price₹14.00was₹18.00
As low as₹27.00was₹28.00
Beet root
As low as₹15.00was₹19.00
Up To ₹6 off
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Vendakka (Ladies finger)
As low as₹13.00was₹19.00
Potato (Urulakizhangu)
As low as₹20.00was₹22.50
Up To ₹7 off
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Pacha Mulak (Green Chilli)
As low as₹15.00was₹22.00
Vellarikka ( Salad Cucumber )
As low as₹14.00was₹16.00

Sausages & Frozen meat

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Venky's Chicken Leg -460g
Special Price₹119.00was₹120.00
Venky's Chicken Burger Patty
As low as₹260.00was₹265.00
Venky's Chicken Nuggets
As low as₹176.50was₹180.00
Venky's Chicken Precut Frozen -1kg
Special Price₹224.00was₹225.00
Up To ₹50 off
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Hungritos Premium French Fries -2.5kg
Special Price₹350.00was₹400.00
Venky's Crispy Burger Patty -500g
Special Price₹185.00was₹190.00
Venky's Chicken Masala Hit Sausages-300g
Special Price₹166.60was₹170.00
Venky's Chicken Cocktail Sausages
As low as₹205.00was₹210.00